Step-by-step Cosmetic Packaging Design

Step-by-step Cosmetic Packaging Design

Before understanding how to design a successful Cosmetic packaging, it is of primary importance to consider its industrial context.

Just a few industrial sectors can increase their customer loyalty portfolio, like the Beauty and Cosmetics Industry. However, as the industrial context is so profitable, it is difficult to be competitive on the market.

If you want to acquire a new customer, you must communicate efficiently to make him quickly understand that your unique product is what he is looking for, while he is visiting your website or looking at the shelves in the store.

How is it possible? Thanks to appealing Cosmetic packaging design, it is possible to attract more customers. Brand awareness is fundamental for packaging, to communicate customers its identity, reliability, accessibility and value.

What to know before Cosmetic Packaging Design

Before starting with Cosmetic packaging design, you must take into consideration the following steps:

  • Define your ideal customer. You must identify your ideal customer and his main interests to plan your Cosmetic packaging design.
  • Outline your brand identity. How does your brand represent you the best? What is your personality? Are you smart, easy-going, traditional… How you express yourself will determine your Cosmetic packaging design.
  • Finalize how customers will purchase your product. Will you sell products on-line or in a store? In small boutiques or in large distribution chains? These variables can completely modify the typology of packaging design.

After defining the here above steps, create a mood-board for your brand, such as a collection of images, objects, colours and advertisements which represent your brand identity and source of inspiration the best.

Look at the latest Cosmetic packaging trends for your best packaging design’s source of inspiration. After this, you can create appealing packaging customers are really looking for at the moment.

Cosmetic Packaging typology

It is necessary to specify two types of Cosmetic packaging: primary and secondary packaging.

The secondary packaging is what contains your product as, for instance, the box customers have to open to get their lipsticks.

The primary packaging contains your product inside, like a foundation bottle or a serum dropper.

In both cases, it is important to follow the previous steps to acquire more loyal customers.

Minelli Systems is the specialist for primary Cosmetic packaging, as it will be highlighted in the next paragraphs.

What to consider for Cosmetic Packaging Design?

To design your packaging, you must take into considerations lots of aesthetics and functional packaging features, such as:

  • Packaging style. Which identity would you like to confer? Minimalist, over the top, other?
  • Colours. Choose colours which represent your brand identity the best, being appealing to attract customers and distinctive on the competitive market.
  • Typology. Bottles, tubes, jars… each cosmetic product has its own type of packaging, but thinking outside the box is a plus.
  • The most suitable material for cosmetics and brand identity.
  • Trademark. Some are mandatory by law, others can increase customer loyalty, such as: organic, cruelty-free and sustainable packaging certifications.

It is time to design your Cosmetic packaging!

After taking into consideration the here above steps and making up your mind, it is finally time to design your Cosmetic packaging.

You can rely on your preferred designer to let him know exactly what product you need and which values you would like to convey.

It is preferrable to rely on a designer who can evaluate all the essential factors for packaging production like performance and cost, beyond aesthetics.

Your designer is like an interlocutor to realize a manufacturing project for best sustainable packaging at a lower cost.

Only after evaluating all possible options and designs for manufacturing, you can then prototype, realizing a complete item before design finalization.

When you have the prototype of the product ready, ask yourself:

  • Is it appealing enough to attract customer attention?
  • Is it a user-friendly packaging?
  • Is it competitive on the market?
  • Is this an eco-sustainable design?

All of these questions help you understanding if you have to modify some product features before proceeding with the actual production phase.

Minelli Systems is the ideal partner for your Cosmetic packaging design. As a Contract manufacturer, we bring your ideas to life. This is what we offer: technical experience, spirit of innovation, consultancy approach, customer loyalty and a sustainable production model.

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