Design Trends in Packaging: Keeping Your Brand Fresh and Relevant

Design Trends in Packaging: Keeping Your Brand Fresh and Relevant

What are consumers expecting from their beauty products, and their packaging more precisely. Packaging being the visible part of the iceberg, when it comes to cosmetics it can make or break a sale of a beauty product. Developing and releasing sustainable cosmetics packaging is paramount to ensure a friction-free purchase journey.

From Minimalist packaging to Sustainability and Bold Design

Following the trend of skinimalism - a minimalistic approach in cosmetic packaging design can be efficient to produce attractive beauty packaging. It is using a simple, clean, and less noisy design than other brands. A minimalistic design can be less distracting and offer a stronger impact on the shelves or online, reduce carbon footprint, save cost as explained by Desworks. At mPackting our packagings have been meticulously designed to ensure an optimal use of space inside and out, while offering an intuitive and a luxury experience.

Sustainability remains the number-one topic across the packaging value chain, with corporations setting ambitious targets to improve their performance.” explains Wunderman Thompson, with approximately 75 % of organisations have made clear sustainable-packaging commitments”, and that includes mPackting which is focusing on developing low carbon impact packaging solutions for the beauty industry. Consumers are making clearer choices when it comes to buying products, and a sustainable aspect can play an important role in the purchasing decision.


Bold designs remain a strong appeal to help a brand stand-out on the shelf, or a strong message to come through. Thanks to our proprietary materials mBlack, a brand could even create a full black design moulded to no-limit for an extra-bold shape and effect. Our designers have extensive experience in the beauty industry, allowing us to develop outstanding cosmetics packaging designs that work with current market standards - i.e. 

Expectation of beauty product: cosmetics jar, make-up palette, etc.




Luxury Vessels, Water Saver & High-Tech / Low Carbon

As refillable beauty is still being strong and developing, keepsake packaging is emerging as a trend. Until now packaging was mostly used as a transportation device, and often ended up in the waste bin. It seems that packaging will become more and more luxurious, and worthy of exhibition - like a piece of art - and sometimes become intelligent and carry smart features.” explains expert Eva Lagarde in a recent article on Premium Beauty News.


  • The Water Saver  trend has two aspects. One about protecting solid or waterless formulas, and another one about saving water in the manufacturing process. Noticing the evolution towards more holistic routines with beauty supplements, brands are looking for luxurious ways to package their creative additions that protects from outside elements, contamination and mostly humidity, be it in a pharma-like tablet shape packaging, in a glass jar or a rigid plastic box”  details the article

  • The High Tech / Low Carbon trend is about “ the continuous need for low carbon materials, as well as the demand for PCR materials that are safe or offer food contact approval, shall bring new technologies to the forefront.” explains the author from re-sources.

At mPacking we develop design to be applicable to refillable beauty with a white-label range dedicated to skincare and make-up with a refillable option. We are also offering wood options or other rigid beauty packaging solutions to protect beautifully and efficiently water-less or water-free products.

mPackting is also developing low-carbon impact materials, with even “carbon sink” materials: meaning materials that would absorb carbon from the atmosphere while growing, like wood or cork for instance, or mBlack for a more technological version for beauty packaging applications. 




Limit or Avoid Plastic Packaging

Unfortunately the success of plastic packaging will be its downfall. Since the release of the episode 7 of the global documentary a Blue Planet II, in 2018, consumers have been increasingly aware, with ravaging images of the impacts of plastics consumption on our planet and our oceans.

More than ever consumers want to reduce or avoid plastic consumption. Since plastic has been widely developed in the market for over 60 years, it will take years to find compatible alternatives. Plastic material is cheap, easy to mould in any shape or form, lightweight and efficient to protect any product whether solid or with a high or low viscosity.

In the case of cosmetics, it is also very efficient at protecting sensitive formulas from external contamination, and also offers a convenient delivery system either through a cap, a nose or a pump for instance.

At mPackting we are developing the next generation of sustainable packaging cosmetics solutions with materials using low carbon impact materials, biodegradable materials, and free-from petrochemical plastics wherever possible in our packaging solutions to develop 

We want to have a positive impact in the cosmetic industry by replacing traditional plastics with an innovative solution. Our mBlack packaging not only preserves aesthetics but also aligns with our commitment to sustainability. This eco-friendly alternative is specially designed for cosmetic products, making it the ideal choice for a greener future without compromising on style or performance.


If you want to learn more about how mPackting can help you design sustainable beauty packaging that makes a difference, feel free to get in touch.

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