Let’s D.R.E.A.M. of a more sustainable world

Let’s D.R.E.A.M. of a more sustainable world

Our holistic approach to design and manufacturing cosmetic products

Sceptical about the idea that dreams can help you imagine a better and more sustainable future? Actually, it is possible! Here at mPackting we are using the D.R.E.A.M. strategic thinking to make sure that we design and produce our products with and ethical and 360 degrees approach when it comes to sustainability.

D.R.E.A.M. stands for Distribution, Resources, End-of-life, Awareness and Manufacturing. Each of these topics encompasses different aspects of the product life cycle and by carefully integrating these aspects with our products, we can ensure thoughtfully designed beauty goods.

D for Distribution

When making a new product, it’s important to think about the effect of the distribution of the product, meaning logistics and transportation. In order to minimize the impact we need for example to lower the volume of the beauty product, while also trying to  reduce the weight of the overall packaging. We use materials that are in general light by nature while also being derived from natural elements. Wood for instance, which is light, compostable and has a low carbon footprint, while still being a durable material. Wood can also be shaped to desire, so we can make the outer shell of a jar for instance as sleek and small as possible. Design gives us many options.


R for Resources

Resources mean for mPackting making sure that all materials of a product and the resources used to manufacture it are optimized.. Durable materials can be classified into three source categories:

  • Low-carbon and Natural Origins

  • Repurposed and Upcycled sources

  • Recycled resources

On the low-carbon front mPackting works a lot, for example, with wood thanks to the decades of expertise of its parent company Minelli Group.
As for the repurposed and upcycled sources, mPackting developed mBlackTM for example, which is a proprietary material created from biochar created from production scraps, with a natural ligand, making the material compostable. mPackting also works with materials from Post Consumer Recycled sources both for its standard range and also custom range. It is also important to look at the certification of materials to help you ensure that they are what they claim to be.
In order to close the virtuous circle of sustainability, mPackting offers responsible decoration that respect the nature of the materials and components and also ensure the recyclability and the reusability of the product. Meaning durable decorations in all the senses of the word.


E for End-of-Life

The end of life is one of the most challenging and important items. We do not want to add to the waste cycle, hence we design components  that will be disassembled easily and can be fully recycled or that are compostable.
Another angle is also to implement refillable solutions wherever possible thus increasing the lifespan of a product and ensuring that its impact on the environment will be as low as possible, and when it reaches the end of its cycles, it can be carefully recycled.
We also look at repurposing with objects that are worthy repurposing, meaning that they carry a significant value. Either because the material is recyclable or reusable into another chain of products.
Everything works only work if we ensure that what we build is a piece that has value and is understood by the brands and the consumers. It is partly the reason behind this blog. Making sure that you know what you buy with us. And also that you can inform consumers about their products, and how they can use them or dispose of them at the end of life.

A for Awareness

To build awareness we need to develop clear communication that brings environmental consciousness and our role as a solutions provider is also to give as much information as possible on the products that we create for your brand, so that in turn, you can inform your clients.

M for Manufacturing

We only work with local suppliers  that have responsible management, as we do, and also want to ensure process efficiencies through eco-responsible facilities. It’s not an easy task but we’ve been working on this for years, and in the northern Italian region around Bergamo there is a pool of manufacturers and solutions providers, within a 200 km distance from our headquarters, who supports the beauty industry. We hope that working with us will allow you to reduce your product’s carbon footprint from the very beginning.

Paolo Minelli
Paolo Minelli
Minelli Systems Director
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