mPackting uses plant-based materials to provide the cosmetic industry with sustainable beauty packaging

mPackting uses plant-based materials to provide the cosmetic industry with sustainable beauty packaging

mPackting uses low carbon materials to make beauty packaging solutions. What does it mean and what are the benefits of some of these materials?

mPackting designs and produces eco-friendly packaging solutions using responsibly sourced materials such as wood, cork, and mBlack, which are renewable and recyclable. Materials is just one aspect of sustainable products. But it’s a good start!

At mPackting, we design and manufacture environmentally responsible packaging solutions. Our roots are deeply connected to wood manufacturing, and from those roots, we have developed a range of materials to work with. Research and development of new materials and blends are also at the core of our vision. All our materials come from plants and trees, minimizing waste products and avoiding fossil resources at all costs.


Wood, first of all, is a beautiful, renewable, and biodegradable resource that helps us remove CO2 from the atmosphere (1 m3 of harvested wood has, on average, absorbed 1 ton of CO2 during its life). To maintain this virtuous cycle, we source all our woods from responsibly managed forests (FSC-Certified) to ensure our customers that the raw materials we use are sustainably harvested. Additionally, we hold certifications such as EUTR995/Lacey Act and REACH.


Cork, which comes from the bark of a specific kind of oak (quercus suber), can be harvested without harming the tree, and it naturally regrows back in a few years. It gives our product a sensational soft-touch feeling and a natural look while being totally safe for both the customer and the planet. In fact, it is 100% safe for food contact, and it is 100% biodegradable and recyclable multiple times. Additionally, just like wood, but even better, cork is an excellent carbon sink, sequestering CO2 from the environment and long-term storing it inside its cells, avoiding its entry into our atmosphere. One single kilogram of cork can stock up to 70 kilograms of CO2e!


Biochar is produced through pyrolysis, which is essentially burning wood in the absence of oxygen to transform wood chips into a finer black powder. This is our solution to avoid wood releasing most of its trapped CO2 during disposal and degradation in landfills. Biochar is an excellent carbon sink, which means that it, just like cork, does not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere but instead permanently traps them. Furthermore, biochar can be used in many ways, for example, as a black pigment for finishings, or as a performance-enhancing additive in many processes. This makes pyrolyzed wood chips a new material that can bring more value while providing thermal energy from the transformation process.


mBlack is our plant-based material that can be molded like plastic without being plastic. It is cost-effective and, like our other materials, a scalable carbon sink, effectively acting as a Climate Cooling Service. But that's not all: while developing the material, we wanted to make it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious beauty product consumers. Therefore, it is biodegradable, food-grade, and decomposes without leaving microplastics behind, avoiding interference with the food supply chain.


Pulp is a versatile and sustainable material that is made from plant fibers, such as wood, bamboo, or sugarcane. Like our other materials, pulp is biodegradable and can be recycled multiple times. It is also a renewable resource, as trees can be replanted and grown to produce more pulp. By incorporating pulp into our packaging solutions, we are able to offer even more options for sustainable and environmentally responsible beauty packaging.

Our materials selection goes further in case of custom products. Contact us to learn more!

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