What to consider when choosing the supplier of your next eco-friendly cosmetic packaging?

What to consider when choosing the supplier of your next eco-friendly cosmetic packaging?

Important aspects to consider when choosing the supplier of your next eco-friendly cosmetic packaging. mPackting’s thoughts about this.

We consider ourselves more as a partner than just a supplier of packaging solutions. Since developing beauty products is just like running projects, it needs a collaboration between two parties to be conducted successfully. And partnership is a more accurate picture of what it takes to develop sustainable beauty products.


First, you need to ask yourself what kind of commitment you need from your solution provider. Do you need someone that is involved in the process from start to finish or an intermediary? Both models have different benefits.

We find ourselves in the first category, and because we’ve been developing custom solutions for our clients for about 85 years (being the daughter company of a wood component maker) we think we can help support and deliver creative, complex and luxury projects. In particular we make feasibility studies, we make design and engineering services, prototyping, manufacturing, and even warehousing of your next custom eco-friendly cosmetic packaging.

Location, location, location

When it comes to more sustainable solutions, the location of the production facilities is key to reducing the overall carbon footprint. If your company is based in Europe, it’s definitely better to source everything in the European Union and as close as possible to your laboratory and logistical centre as possible.

Make it stand out

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

With this idea in mind, at mPackting we’ve developed local partnerships in a radius of approximately 150 km from our production plant. We also create our proprietary material mBlack - which is compostable and a carbon sink - from our own manufacturing wood waste, and a biopolymer that is 100% biodegradable, and sourced nearby.

We are based in the northern Italian region of Bergamo, and find most of our partners locally in Italy and France.

Thanks to a localised supply chain we control cost, and material delivery, and manage manufacturing ensuring an agile process.

With the cost of materials rising and the added pressure on the supply chain and markets, it’s more and more important to develop a short, secure supply chain.

Overseas outreach

Having said that, we have a strong international presence as we own five plants across Europe and the United States. We have production plants and warehouse facilities in Italy, and North Carolina to better serve the US market. In other words, we do know how to manage clients and logistics over a long distance, both here in Europe and overseas. The presence of multiple production plants is also a beneficial aspect in terms of risk management: should anything happen to one of our facilities, your project would not be disrupted.


We pursue a culture of excellence within our company, we offer our staff special training when joining our ranks, and we work with an innovative mindset.

We bring incremental innovation to packaging and hope to take the beauty industry to the next level of sustainability solutions thanks to our low-carbon offering.

Let us know which product you are working on for which we can support you!

Paolo Minelli
Paolo Minelli
Minelli Systems Director
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