LegnaPin and CorDisk: monomaterial innovative solutions for luxury caps and lids in the beauty sector

LegnaPin and CorDisk: monomaterial innovative solutions for luxury caps and lids in the beauty sector

A luxury cap developed with the mPackting LegnaPin concept for the latest Verescence innovation

mPackting pushes the LegnaPin and CorDisk innovative designs to address the increasing request for mono-material solutions for perfume caps and jar lids. Check out some shapes and finishing options at PCD, for example at the stands of Verescence, French luxury glass manufacturer, and Minelli, premium wood component maker.  

Smart eco-design

LegnaPin is a mono-material cap made with FSC certified wood. The traditional plastic capsule is replaced by one or three food-contact cylinders made of cork. This solution creates a strong friction with the head of the perfume pump and it guarantees a perfect closure. A new sustainable innovation is born, which does not use plastics, resins nor glue.

This is a universal solution which adapts to any pump diameter: in fact it doesn’t require the development of new molds for every new design. Compared to other materials wood also offers the advantage of flexible product design: changing the shape of the cap requires tooling costs that are much lower compared to those of plastic for example. And the process to get the tools ready is also faster! So, creativity is not bound with this truly sustainable innovation.

Speaking of creativity: have a look at the spherical LegnaPin caps that have been coupled to the beautiful newly launched Verescence’s bottle.

Functional sustainability

Through this collaboration, mPackting also showcases an interesting approach to wood finishing (lacquering wood, which hides the wood grains) and machining capabilities.

Cork and wood are carbon sink materials in the sense that they absorb CO2 when they are trees and they store it in the long term as products. It is estimated, for example, that for each ton of cork harvested, 70 tons of CO2 are absorbed from the atmosphere. This means that a single cork represents 70 times its own weight in carbon sequestering!! (Cork is removed from the same tree every 7 years, the tree is not cut). As for wood, the ratio is smaller but still conceptually the same benefit is there.

CorDisk: give your jar lids a unique touch!

mPackting offers jar lids that are 100% mono-material: a threaded wood lid is completed with a patented (and lab certified) sealing disc solution made of cork, which is suitable for cosmetic packaging applications. These discs are customizable with food-grade colors and laser engraving in order to give your brand a virtually infinite number of customization options.

The natural properties of cork have made this innovation possible, in fact its compressibility guarantees a safe sealing of the lid, avoiding product leakage. Thanks to our sealing discs it is thus possible to obtain an eco-friendly cosmetic packaging solution, without plastic, glue nor resin.

Come and meet us in Paris, on January 25th and 26th, 2023.

mPackting will attend the Paris Packaging Week, at the PCD section, right next to the Champagne bar (stand N173). So remember to stop by!

Paolo Minelli
Paolo Minelli
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