What cosmetic packaging innovation means to Minelli Systems

What cosmetic packaging innovation means to Minelli Systems

We all know the meaning of the word innovation and how this concept is fundamental to emerge in many areas, but today at Minelli Systems we want to tell you about our concept of innovation and what are the aspects to take into consideration to create an innovative cosmetic packaging.

At Minelli Systems innovation means:

taking intelligent risks,
finding a better way of producing,
being pioneers,
encouraging curiosity and creativity,
learning from mistakes,
raising the bar,
embracing new opportunities,
keep learning.

In a nutshell, we strive to deliver the innovation that matters to make truly unique and valuable cosmetic packaging.

How can we foster a culture of innovation?

Not all companies are born with an instinct for innovation, but it is an attitude that can be encouraged by putting into practice some good habits, such as:

Creating a culture that doesn’t demonize failure

Nobody wants to fail, but the fear of failure prevents them from taking risks and pushing the boundaries of product innovation. ” A recent Gallup study (an American consulting and analysis company famous for its studies on global issues) found that only 18% of US employees strongly agree that they can take risks at work that could lead to the emergence of important new products, services or solutions.

A great rule for triggering innovation is therefore the idea that there are no bad ideas.

Create a Space for Brainstorming

It is not easy to think creatively while working the same routine on a daily basis. Companies that do not find time and space for innovation will continue to manage their business in the same way, which is why it becomes essential to carve brainstorming sessions, to give life to new ideas on any business area.

Get help from outside

Sometimes what it takes to create a new idea is the perspective of an external subject. Find a partner like Minelli Systems who can review your initial product designs and take them to a new level of innovation. As a contract manufacturer we are able to support at every stage, from feasibility study to design for manufacturing, from prototyping to actual production.

At Minelli Systems we are specialized in cosmetic packaging production, and it is there that we deploy all our innovation, to market unique products of their kind.

The advantages of innovative cosmetic packaging

Although the development of an innovative cosmetic packaging can sometimes take more time and additional costs, the advantages are really significant. It:

  • defends you and differentiates you from competitors,
  • builds loyalty among existing customers, more likely to continue buying your product,
  • broadens your target audience thanks to packaging that can attract more customers,
  • makes you recognizable in a crowded market,
  • allows you to compete on value proposition and innovation rather than on price.

Features of an innovative cosmetic packaging

Cosmetic packaging is what consumers see first when they enter a store, it is the element created to attract attention and convince them to buy, which is why it is important that it shows up as innovative.

There are many aspects to take into consideration when designing, but these are the elements that we care about the most, which allow us to offer innovative cosmetic packaging to our customers.


Our aim is to design and create a cosmetic packaging that stands out from the competition, for its design, materials and added value that can confer.


For us, customization means, for example, giving the possibility to choose between different shapes and sizes and supporting customers in every step of the design, to make the cosmetic packaging unique.


The focus on sustainability is high: today a cosmetic packaging can be defined as innovative if made with biodegradable materials and able to fit within a circular economy.


Beyond food, we buy very few things out of necessity. Most of our purchases are more impulsive than rational. This is why we maintain that an innovative cosmetic packaging is one that knows how to speak to emotions, that is engaging and sensorial, to convince the consumer to purchase.

How to make cosmetic packaging innovation

At Minelli Systems, we have innovation in our DNA.

We are always up to date on the latest news and design trends, able to create unique cosmetic packaging: Our R&D department regularly introduces new processes and technologies to keep our customers’ packaging ahead of the competition and in line with customer and market needs.

But that’s not all, as a contract manufacturer, we rely only on the best manufacturers on the market: this is the only way to get cosmetic packaging innovation.

Companies that use new raw materials, which can improve quality, performance and design of packaging; employing the most advanced technologies and IT solutions, capable of facing the most complex technical challenges, and the most sophisticated software, to ensure efficient production and on-time deliveries.

With them we work on projects hand in hand, to guarantee that the product is made according to our customer’s expectations and always keeping high attention to production costs.

Paolo Minelli
Paolo Minelli
Minelli Systems Director
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