What makes an innovative cosmetic packaging?

What makes an innovative cosmetic packaging?

We clearly defined already what innovation means to Minelli Systems and how to improve it within a Company structure, but what makes an innovative Cosmetic packaging? What makes it unique, trendy and appealing to consumers?

The principles of Cosmetic packaging innovation focus on the choice of sustainable materials, selection of adequate production models, optimizing of logistics and distribution models and concrete commitment to “closing the loop”.

Here below are the innovative Cosmetic packaging’s main features to take into consideration for being competitive and trendy on the market.

Sustainable resources and materials

Sustainability is one of the most important factors to create an innovative Cosmetic packaging.

According to the ‘2020 Packaging Innovation Trend Report’ by ‘Research and Markets’, which examines the latest trends in packaging innovations, including format and materials, as well as the shift towards more sustainable options, Analysts have found that sustainability has become a major factor in consumer purchasing decisions today.

In fact, analysing the latest innovative packaging trends, the research of more sustainable materials has become ‘a must’ for Cosmetic packaging manufacturers.

The challenge is to design packaging that leaves a minimal footprint on the environment, but at the same time protect the quality of the product and maintain a great aesthetic appeal towards customers.

On this purpose, according to sustainable design’s principles and LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), Minelli Systems develops project solutions analysing packaging to certify the good use of quality resources, such as sustainable materials and sustainability standards.

An example of this is Wooba ™, our sustainable cosmetic packaging, made with wood waste produced in the production plants of Minelli Spa and a biodegradable material derived from renewable resources. A totally “made in Minelli Systems” idea based on the principles of the circular economy that can make your cosmetic packaging innovative.

Innovative and sustainable production

In order to create a low-impact and innovative Cosmetic packaging, all materials must be selected and ready for production according to sustainability standards. On this purpose, who deals with packaging production has to:

  • Contact local suppliers for making the most of territory resources,
  • implement an efficient production line, which allows the best result and the greatest number of products at the lowest cost and with the least possible number of resources, 
  • Respect sustainable management, including environmental as well as socio-economic factors.

Smart distribution

When a Cosmetic packaging is innovative, logistics is well-organized, optimizing distribution to save costs, resulting more efficient and highly sustainable.

On this purpose, thanks to a “collaborative logistics”, Companies of the same supply chain share facilities, personnel resources and production processes as a distribution system.

The main reason of this type of distribution system is to improve service and quality performance, reducing waste of resources.

Besides, the optimization of shipment and delivery, arranging small and low-weight packs, is highly recommended.

Closing the loop

When a Cosmetic packaging is innovative, it can ‘close the loop’, respecting one or more of the following features:

  • Compostable
  • Recyclable and worth recovering,
  • Re-usable for other purposes or refillable,
  • Awarded by consumers for its green features and more,
  • Certificate of conformity by recognized organizations.

Unconventional packaging

An innovative Cosmetic packaging must be practical and accurate, but also eye-catching and appealing to amaze and attract consumers.

Nowadays, Cosmetic packaging must convey emotions, being distinctive and visible on-line for promotional campaigns on social medias, so that consumers can take pictures and publish it on their social networks.

Minelli Systems’ packaging is made of unconventional material (for the Beauty Industry), giving great attention to the emotional and motivational aspects of purchase and improving consumer experience.

Why investing on innovative Cosmetic packaging?

Despite requiring more time and money than expected, innovative Cosmetic packaging benefits are really significant:

  • Making your product more competitive and distinctive on the market,
  • Building customer loyalty,
  • Increasing your target audience, attracting more buyers,
  • Being environmentally friendly with positive impacts on the next generations to come.

Who to contact for innovative Cosmetic packaging?

Not all Contract manufacturers can develop an innovative Cosmetic packaging.

It is necessary that producers contact partners and keep up-to-date with the latest news and design trends, constantly researching and developing new work processes and technologies.

Producers must be capable of utilizing unconventional raw materials and innovative technologies, facing complex technical challenges. Minelli Systems is born with innovation in its DNA. Make your project real, we are the ideal Contract manufacturer you are looking for.

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