Environment - Pioneers in sustainable wood-based materials


Pioneers in sustainable wood-based materials.

Pioneers in sustainable wood-based materials.

Turning waste into valuable resources.

Rooted in experience

Minelli Materials, part of the Minelli Group, boasts over eighty years of wood industry expertise, making us leaders in wood component supply across various sectors, including brushes, tools, sports equipment, kitchenware, and packaging for cosmetics and spirits

This rich history has provided us with an unparalleled depth of knowledge and skills, equipping us to innovate and develop materials that go beyond wood.

Minelli Materials represents the pinnacle of our group's commitment to innovation, quality, and comprehensive customer service.

Committed to the environment

Environmental stewardship is not an optional part of our business; it's a core principle. Following in the footsteps of Minelli Group, we adopt rigorous measures to minimize our environmental impact.

For example, we repurpose wood waste for heating, thereby significantly reducing our energy consumption. But our commitment goes beyond just reducing harm; we aim to create a positive impact.

Through our innovative products, we contribute to a circular economy, turning waste into valuable resources.

A culture of innovation

Innovation is more than just a buzzword at Minelli Materials; it's a commitment that permeates every level of our organization.

Our constant quest for sustainable solutions has led to groundbreaking developments like MBlack.

But we're not stopping there. Our research and development teams are continually exploring new ways to leverage our technology and expertise to create even more sustainable and effective solutions for a wide range of industrial applications.

Our Sustainability Report

Discover how we're building a greener future. Download our sustainability report today and be part of the change.

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